When is Launch?

We will be launching on Q3, 2022.
The time is to be announced.

Where is Launch

Our launch will be on Magic Eden!
Mint Link: mint.solangels.art​
Please only use the official links that have been shared on our Discord. Do not respond to DMs from anyone posing as members of the team. We will not send you a direct message.

How can I mint my own SOLAngel?

1-Create a Phantom Wallet
2-Fund your wallet. Make sure you have enough balance for both buying and covering the fees. A balance of +0.03 of NFT price will be enough.
3-Go to the minting page.
4-Connect your wallet and mint!

How many angels can I mint?

Pre-sale: 1 per whitelisted wallets.
Public mint: Unlimited

How can I get Whitelisted?

Please refer to our Discord for the latest requirements.

Why there are 1,111 SOLAngels?

Because according to numerology, the 1111 angel number is one of the most powerful messages your guardian angels can send you.
It suggests that prayers will be answered, and aspirations achieved.
The angel number 1111 is a universal symbol of spirituality, and of the divine connection between the cosmic vibrations.
Get rid of your fear of the unknown so you can fully experience the new path you are manifesting at this very moment.
Your angels are telling you they are there to help you through whatever arises.
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