How can I get $MERIT

  • You mine : 15 $MERIT/Day per SOLAngel. 40 MERIT/Day per AscSOLAngel.
  • Burn SOLAngel to acquire $MERIT from the treasury.

Where can I utilize my $MERIT

You can utilize your $MERIT on:
  • SOLAngel Ascension
  • Auctions
  • Raffles

Will $MERIT be listed on a DEX?

Yes, liquidity will be provided through AngelDAO. Exact date will be announced in our Discord.

What is the price of $MERIT

The price of the $MERIT is determined by the open market, not by us. The fair price of $MERIT will be decided when liquidity is provided in preparation for a DEX listing.

What is the Total Supply of $MERIT

The supply of $MERIT will be capped at 7,777,000 tokens and there will be two halvening events at given supply milestones in the Whitepaper. $MERIT can only be minted by staking SOLAngels.

Can I burn my SOLAngel?

Yes. You can burn your SOLAngel for $MERIT as long as there is a sufficient amount of $MERIT in AngelDAO's treasury. You cannot, however, burn AscSOLANgel because what has ascended may never die. If your balance is inadequate, you will be offered the option to burn your SOLAngel and wait for $MERIT to be replenished in the treasury.
Last modified 6mo ago