A detailed information about our Roadmap.

Phase 1 (2022 Q3)

  • Pre-approval on Magic Eden
  • Establishment of AngelDAO
  • Whitelist & Public Mint

Phase 2 (2022 Q3)

  • Rarity Rankings
  • Listed on Magic Eden
  • 22.2% of funds raised from auctions will be allocated to AngelDAO
  • Matrica Verification for AngelDAO access and Exclusivity

Phase 3 (2022 Q4)

  • $MERIT Token will be introduced. Each Staked SOLAngel will earn 15 $MERIT daily
  • SOLAngel burning system will be introduced.
  • Introduction of Ascended SOLAngels
  • You will need to acquire 1500 $MERIT to ascend your SOLAngel into a Ascended SOLAngel
  • When an Ascended SOLAngel staked, they will earn 2.66x more $MERIT for you, 40 $MERIT daily

Phase 4 (2023 Q1)

  • AngelDAO will purchase into established projects to increase the value of AngelDAO portfolio
  • Exclusive Access To Private Alpha Calls & WL for upcoming Projects
  • Profits made from AngelDAO purchases will be used to buy lowest priced SOLAngels, and purchased SOLAngel will be burned. This will increase the rarity of the existing angels, which in return increase the value of them

Phase 5 (2023 Q2)

  • Further usage areas for $MERIT tokenomics
  • Branding & exclusivity